Saturday, March 28, 2009

goodbye my dear sister!!

my sister had left me today. last 2 weeks i received a phone call from my sis, but i din pick up coz i was in class. when i went home before i went for a nap, i called my sister back. and it was such a shocking and so sudden news. she told me that she had lost her job. and i was so shocked and she told me she is going to brisbane next 2 weeks which is today at 17:20pm. after i heard that i was sad and down and was going to cry but i dint. i was a bit worried and was thinking of my life without my sister around taking care of me. i have to do everything by my own. before she always called me and asked me lots of lots of things and i always ignored her and feel her very annoying. and i know that she did that because she loves me from the deep down of her heart and because she worries me that i will do something wrong and she corrects me, teaches me, guides me and helps me. and sometimes feel that she really nags a lot and i really dun like people nag around. it is so annoying. but only until now i understand that she nags because she worries, she loves me. and on thursday night after attending alvin's graduation i went to my sister's farewell party with the church memebers. and we were sharing our feelings and our thoughts and bless her for a good journey to brisbane. when i was my turn i started to cry straight away. i was sharing the same things in this blog, and i was crying and crying. the tears just wont stop to flow. and when i finished i said to her, "sister, I love you". and in this blog i really want to thank her for guiding me, taking good care of me, teaches me. and i also want to say sorry for my childish acts before. I am sorry, I love you!! i hope that when you are in brisbane God will be with you always and angels will travel with you wherever you go and nothing is impossible in God's sight. Have a good journey there, sister!! Good luck and God bless!! take care!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

my first blog

this is the first time i've ever play!! and i dunno how long will i keep playing!!